The Study of Middle-Man Kingship

A question arises as to what we are here to consider the beneficial result of the winning party. One thinks that it could well be explained in full details, but that is still questionable. I think that majority would like to discuss such an issue on the grounds that it fulfils their wishes.

Now, let’s get back to our main discussion of what could happen if we let the majority take its full initiative and decide on its own what would happen to it and the consequences thereof. One thing that should be mentioned is that the the way this people analyse and work through every individual and cohesive part is wholly grounded on the idea that whatever happens to them would in effect and fact benefit them with et cetera. This is true and would prove them beneficial if anything.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 9.00.46 AM

The study under would demonstrate the consequences and the relying ability of those involved in the democratic choice of the majority. Let’s examine this then. This includes people voting at each interval the idea and the choice behind their willingness that eschews any possible hinderance to their well-being and happiness; such is the main idea of their making any kind of decision.

Now, out of all these consequences, one sees the pattern that exemplifies the existence of the middle-man kingship of a concept that we studied so far in our book. That is that the one choosing the points between 70-80 would far less likely fall within the line of the one choosing 70 or 50. This is what we discussed so far, will prove to be useful in the further development.


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